DERM 7182: Dermatology Preceptorship

Course Availability:   2015-2016   2016-2017

Length 3 weeks
Periods Offered All periods except 7B
Sites HC, FU, VA
Prerequisites none
Limit 6
Course Director Dr. Maria Hordinsky, (612) 626-4454
Contact Jane Boyer, (612) 626-4454,
Report first day:   8:00 to Jane Boyer, Medical Student Coordinator, Conf. Room 3.12, CSC


Most of the teaching and learning will be accomplished by daily patient care activities at one of the three affiliated hospitals. Students will participate in the regularly scheduled weekly didactic conferences in the department. Independent study is expected and encouraged. This elective will be useful to students planning a career in a primary care specialty or dermatology.

Competencies and Objectives

This course provides an opportunity for students to increase their dermatological knowledge, develop appropriate dermatological concepts, and acquire technical dermatological skills.


  • understand and use dermatologic terminology appropriately
  • describe skin lesion and eruptions
  • formulate a diagnosis and differential diagnosis for common skin disorders
  • recognize and design appropriate therapeutic management for common skin disorders


  • use laboratory diagnostic procedures, including microscopic examination of dermatologic preparations
  • become familiar with cutaneous surgical techniques, including shave and punch biopsies, curettage, cryosurgery, and electrosurgery


  • the relationship of skin disease to systemic illness
  • the rationale of topical and systemic dermatological therapy

Student Assessment

  • ability to describe dermatologic problems and formulate a differential diagnosis
  • ability to diagnose and treat common dermatological conditions
  • attitudes and interactions with patients, peers, members of the faculty and staff
  • appearance and comportment
  • elective paper
  • a diagnostic test from photographs of skin lesions constituting 40% grade. Honors grades are possible

Special Instructions

Students should list first, second, and third preferences for hospital assignment.

VA Medical Center: If you are taking a course at the VA Medical Center, please visit the Minneapolis VA Health Care System web site to learn more about how to be prepared to rotate there.


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