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We're Minnesota's Future Doctors

The mission of Minnesota's Future Doctors is to prepare college-age Minnesotans from underrepresented communities for admission to medical school. The program is supported by the University of Minnesota Medical School.

Our pre med scholars are typically:

  • Academically solid (3.2 or higher, GPA)
  • First generation to attend college (parents did not attend college)
  • From an underserved community in medicine (targeted minority communities and all rural communities
  • Raised in Minnesota and attended high school in Minnesota (required)
  • Attending colleges throughout the country and within Minnesota
  • From economically challenged homes

Freshman or Sophomore Year of College

Selected scholars typically start the program as freshman in college and remain with the program until the start of medical school.

This is not a summer program.

It is a program that works with your schedule, no matter where you are, to help you launch a great pre med and med school career.

What will you do?

  • You'll explore how hospitals and clinics really work from the inside out.
  • You'll meet med students, residents, and physicians.
  • You'll listen to physicians discuss patient care and treatment plans.
  • You'll learn about high tech medical equipment.
  • You'll learn about research environments.
  • You'll even look like a doctor
  • You'll learn how to apply for med school (AMCAS)
  • You'll learn how to test for med school (MCAT)
  • You'll learn med school interviewing skills

Start planning your future

The Hand of a Phenomenal Pre-Med (9MB PDF)

UofM Medical School Admissions: The Basics (26 min. presentation)

Why they love us

Why they love us

Success stories

Apply Online

Applications are accepted between August and March of each year. Please check back at that time.


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