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photo of studentsThe University of Minnesota Medical School, part of one of the leading public universities in the United States, is located in one of the country's most progressive and culturally rich metropolitan areas.

Students and scholars from all 50 states and nearly 100 countries are drawn to the University of Minnesota for its tradition of excellence, dynamic urban community, and outstanding educational and cultural opportunities.

Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students (MAPS) Twin Cities Chapter

MAPS Twin Cities Chapter is an undergraduate student organization.

MAPS' mission is to guide and assist minority pre-medical students explore and gain insight into professional healthcare careers by coordinating and implementing informational programs, providing helpful academic resources, and organizing volunteer opportunities. MAPS will also strive to create awareness about healthcare disparities among minorities and work towards eliminating them.

This photo was taken at a recruitment event held on October 5th 2013, called “Experience Minnesota.”

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Vanessa Ozomaro, the daughter of a nurse who is a Nigerian immigrant, grew up in St. Paul and says her urban high school had “a very diverse” environment. “A lot of my friends had immigrant backgrounds, east African or Hmong, and we often had conversations about their experiences with the health care system,” Ozomaro says. That upbringing convinced her that it’s important for patients to be comfortable with and able to communicate with their physicians. “I never had an African, or an African American, physician see me. I always felt like there were a lot of people who didn’t look like me, in medical [settings] and in the sciences generally.” Read more about Vanessa's experience in the MetroPAP program.

2013 SNMA Health Fair photos

This Year's SNMA Health Fair was held at South Highschool.

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