FMCH 7538: Sports Medicine in Duluth

Course Availability:   2017-2018   2018-2019

General Information

Course Director:  Ann Sudoh

Course Coordinator:  Paula Guisfredi, (218) 726-7034,


MS Year:  MS3 or MS4

Periods offered:  All periods except F2, F3, F4

Total credits (weeks):  4

Consent requirement:  No

Patient care:  Yes

Clinical site(s):  DU: Essentia Health-St. Mary's Medical Center, 407 East Third St, Duluth, MN 55805

Required session attendance:  

Typical weekly schedule:  M-F, 8:00am-5:00pm


Required or Elective:  Elective

Limited to student type:  No

Prerequisites:  None

Course equivalency:  None

Open to visiting students:  This course may be available to visiting medical students. Go to the Visiting Medical Students page on the Family Medicine and Community Health website for more information.


Discipline(s):  Family Medicine & Community Health

Description:  This course is an opportunity for students interested in primary care or a musculoskeletal specialty to develop an appreciation for the role of sports medicine in his/her practice. The student will work closely with full-time sports medicine physicians and allied health providers, including physical therapists and athletic trainers. This will include work in an office practice, rehabilitation facilities, training rooms, and various athletic events. Textbook: Sports Injuries Diagnosis and Management, Garrick and Webb, W.B. Saunders, 1999 and Handbook of Sports Medicine, Lilligard, Butcher, and Rucker, Andover Medical Publishers, 1999. Textbooks are available (no charge) through the UMD Department of Family Medicine for students use while on this rotation.

Course objectives:  At the completion of the course, the student will:

  • be able to take a problem oriented sports injury history and perform a focused physical examination, especially for shoulder and knee problems.
  • appreciate the comprehensive care of the sport injured patient by following patients longitudinally through initial office/training room/on field assessment, physical therapy, surgery if necessary, follow-up reassessment, and stepwise resumption of athletic activity, with emphasis on preventive measures; and especially in this regard know how to manage acute ankle sprains.
  • have an understanding of the basic approach to overuse injuries with emphasis on the importance of rehabilitation and prevention of recurrence.
  • have an understanding of the role of other health care providers in the assessment and treatment of sports injuries.
  • have an appreciation of the role of primary care physicians in the assessment and treatment of sports injuries, including an understanding of when and how specialty consultation/referral is made.


Graded components:

  • Clinical Assessment by attending

Grading scale:  H/E/S/N


An evaluation of the elective by the student will be set up in E*Value.


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