LAMP 7152: Anatomic Pathology - VA

Course Availability:   2017-2018   2018-2019

General Information

Course Director:  Dr. Juan (Carlos) Manivel, (612) 467-2503,

Course Coordinator:  Kaarn Spencer, (612) 467-2088,


MS Year:  MS3 or MS4

Periods offered:  All periods

Total credits (weeks):  4

Consent requirement:  None

Patient care:  No

Clinical site(s):  VA: Pathology Office, Room BB-115, VA Medical Center, 1 Veterans Drive, Minneapolis, MN 55417

Required session attendance:  

Typical weekly schedule:  M-F, 8:00am-5:00pm.  No night or weekend assignments.


Required or Elective:  Elective

Limited to student type:  No

Prerequisites:  None

Course equivalency:  None

Open to visiting students:  No


Discipline(s):  Lab Medicine & Pathology

Description:  The goal of this rotation is to familiarize the medical student with the role of pathology in the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of patients through the activities of pathologist as members of the clinical team. Beyond clinical diagnoses; the student will become acquainted with the role of pathology in understanding mechanisms of disease.
        This is an ideal rotation for those students who are considering pathology as a possible specialty and for students who choose a surgical or clinical specialty, but want to understand how pathology will help them treat their patients.
The student will be expected to become familiar with the service activities in the department of pathology; this includes handling surgical specimens in the Gross Room (sampling), performance of frozen sections during surgical procedures and interpretation of microscopic slides to establish diagnoses. The student will attend all intradepartmental conferences and according to interest, interdisciplinary clinic pathologic conferences. If desired, the student may assist in the performance of autopsies under supervision. There is time available for the student to review areas of interest in pathology.
        This elective acquaints students with techniques involved in the handling surgical specimens and in the performance of autopsies. Clinical-pathologic correlation is stressed.

Course objectives:  By the end of this rotation, students will be able to:

  • define generalities on autopsy technique;
  • observe Gross Room procedures;
  • observe performance and diagnosis of frozen sections;
  • review gross and microscopic pathology;
  • recognize clinical-pathologic correlation;
  • select an area of special interest, i.e., cytology, etc.;
  • review pertinent pathology literature.
  • prepare an interesting case for presentation to faculty, residents and staff (last Friday of the rotation).
  • prepare a case-log of cases examined


Graded components:

  • Degree of participation and interest in Surgical Pathology and Autopsies activies
  • Attendance and participation at conferences and evidence of independent study
  • Professionalism in interactions with faculty, other members of the clinical team, residents and staff
  • End of rotation presentation to faculty, residents and staff
  • Supervisor's Assessment of completeness of case-log on cases examined

Grading scale:  H/E/S/N


An evaluation of the elective by the student will be set up in E*Value.

Special Instructions

Under special circumstances students will be allowed to take this course for 3 or 4 weeks, but it is essential that students contact Dr. Manivel or Kaarn Spencer at least one month prior to beginning elective.

VA Medical Center: If you are taking a course at the VA Medical Center, please visit the Minneapolis VA Health Care System web site to learn more about how to be prepared to rotate there.


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