Education Steering Committee (ESC)

Committee Responsibilities

The Education Steering Committee (ESC) is appointed by the Dean and is a standing committee of the EC. The ESC is charged with reviewing and recommending actions to the EC regarding issues that affect both horizontal and vertical integration across campuses. The ESC acts on directives by the EC to review major educational issues that incorporate horizontal/vertical bi-campus issues such as the following:

A. Major issues
     a. Allocation of course/clerkship hours
     b. Significant issues with the recruitment of new faculty and course/clerkship directors
     c. Significant assessment, curriculum, evaluation issues
     d. Changes in allocation of non-course specific activities (e.g., Independent Learning Time)
     e. Prioritizing the addition/deletion/revision of curricular content

B. In-depth review/analysis
     a. Course/Clerkship Committee (SFC, CEC, CUMED) reports
     b. Ad-hoc Task Force reports
     c. State of the Curriculum and all associated data
     d. USMLE data
     e. Graduation Questionnaire
     f. Institutional assessments (e.g., Clinical Competency Assessment, Milestones)
     g. Other

C. Medical School Educational Priorities
     a. Preparing students to be great residents (public health and health policy, quality improvement
         and patient safety, interprofessional education and teamwork)
     b. Active learning
     c. Integration (basic science and clinical medicine)
     d. Scholarship

2015-2016 Committee Members

*James Nixon Department of Medicine; Division of General Internal Medicine
Robert Acton Department of Surgery; Division of Pediatric Surgery
Stephen Katz Department of Integrative Biology and Physiology
George Trachte Department of Physiology and Pharmacology
Anthony Weinhaus Department of Integrative Biology and Physiology
Mark Rosenberg Vice Dean for Education
Alan Johns Assistant Dean for Medical Education and Curriculum
Anne Pereira Assistant Dean for Curriculum
Robert Englander Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education
Suzanne van den Hoogenhof Assistant Dean for Assessment & Evaluation, Interim
*Committee Chair

2016 Meeting Dates

January 4
January 18 – cancelled MLK Jr holiday

February 1
February 15 - cancelled Presidents' Day

March 7
March 21

April 4
April 18 - cancelled

May 2
May 16

June 6
June 20

July 4 – cancelled Independence Day
July 18

August 1
August 15
*August 29 (added)

September 5 – cancelled Labor Day
September 19

October 3
October 17

November 7
November 21

December 5
December 19


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