Administrative Requirements

Contacts Heather Peterson, (612) 625-4489,

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)

Students are required to complete HIPAA training prior to having patient contact. HIPAA requires us to implement processes with respect to protecting health information as well as inform individuals about how we protect their information. To complete the online training visit


Students are required to have immunizations and vaccinations that comply with Minnesota State law and Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations. Please visit the Boynton Health Center for all immunization requirements and forms. Upon admission to the AHC academic programs, students are required to submit proof of the following immunizations and vaccinations:

  1. Hepatitis B. Document three doses of the vaccine or antibody titre results documenting immunity.
  2. Varicella (Chicken Pox). Document two doses of the vaccine or a self-reported history of the disease or antibody titre results documenting immunity.
  3. Measles (Rubeola). Document two doses after age 12 months or antibody titre results documenting immunity.
  4. Mumps. Document one to two doses after age 12 months or antibody titre results documenting immunity.
  5. Rubella (German Measles). Document one to two doses after age 12 months or antibody titre results documenting immunity.
  6. Tetanus/Diptheria.  Document most current dose within the last ten years.
  7. Two-step Mantoux (PPD) test. Documentation of the two-step Mantoux test.
    1. The AHC requires a second PPD test to be performed two weeks after the first test. This two-step Mantoux test needs to be done once.
    2. Annual Mantoux test.  Documentation of an annual Mantoux.
  8. Chest x-ray if positive Mantoux. Documentation must include the results of a follow-up chest x-ray. Once this documentation is submitted, yearly Mantoux testing is not required.

Vaccinations or other testing strongly urged by the University of Minnesota Medical School:

  • Completed polio series (three doses)
  • Influenza - annual

Students are required to keep all immunizations and vaccinations up-to-date. A student's failure to have all required immunizations and vaccinations may influence the University's ability to place the student in clinical rotations. You can now download a personalized immunization form, see information about your immunization status and detailed information about your immunizations from the University of Minnesota website called myU. To access your immunization information go to and click on the tab called "Health and Wellness".

Please visit the Boynton Health Center for all immunization requirements and forms

Background Study

Each student is required to complete a state mandated background study annually. These background studies are conducted by the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) for the purpose of facilitating your placement in clinical facilities where background studies are required under Minnesota Statute S144.057. The DHS site to complete the background study can be found at Each student is also required to complete and submit a Release of Information sheet annually that authorizes the Medical School to submit your background study results to any hospital, clinic or program were you will have patient contact. Release forms can be submitted to Heather Peterson in B610 Mayo.

Health Insurance

The University of Minnesota requires all students who register for six or more credits (three in the summer) and are admitted to a degree program, to have health insurance. All AHC students will be automatically enrolled in the Student Health Benefit Plan (AHC-SHBP). This plan provides easy, affordable coverage for the unique needs of the students. You can have the University-sponsored Student Health Benefit Plan waived if you are enrolled in one of the following insurance plans: a United States-based employer-sponsored health plan; Graduate Assistant Insurance Plan (GA Plan) provided by the University of Minnesota; or Minnesota Care. For more information visit

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