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U Libraries offers grant funding search tools and resources, including workshops and databases.

Journals in Health Professions Education

Annotated Bibliography of Journals for Educational Scholarship (pdf)
Coordinated by the NEGEA in collaboration with members of the CGEA, SGEA, and WGEA, this bibliography (revised March, 2016) provides a comprehensive list of medical education scholarship resources. Special thanks to the Librarian Coordinators, Pamela Herring (University of Central Florida) and Judy Spak (Yale University), their time and hard work made this update possible. For questions and suggestions please contact Maria Blanco at

Education Resources grouped by Topic

Clinical Teaching and Problem Solving:

Competency-Based Medical Education:

Giving Feedback and Setting Expectations:

Teaching Evidence-Based Medicine:

Useful Web Sites

Bio-Medical Library (UMN)

In addition to its wealth of articles, books, and journals, the Bio-Medical Library provides a wide range of free instructional resources, including workshops, guides and tutorials to support teaching and learning.

Center for Educational Innovation (UMN)

Health Education Assets Library (HEAL)

HEAL is a national resource for digital multimedia serving health sciences education. It provides digital teaching resources of the highest quality from a variety of sources.

Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching (MERLOT)

The MERLOT site includes a a number of health sciences learning materials

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