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Health, Safety, and Well-Being

Needlestick Injury Protocol

Mistreatment and Harassment Reporting

Boynton Health Services (Health Clinic for UM Students)

Student Health Benefit Plan (AHC, Twin Cities)

Needlestick Injury Protocol
Needlestick Injuries: Immediately upon receiving a needlestick injury, contact Boynton Health Service, (612) 625-7900.

Infectious Disease Prevention Education Module (AHC Office of Education)
Includes information about the protocol for responding to bloodborne pathogens exposure, required immunizations and vaccines, and more.

Educational Exposure to Blood Borne Pathogens and Tuberculosis (pdf)

Immunization Requirements

Confidential Peer Assistance Program (CPAP)
Organization of University of Minnesota medical students that provides a supportive, non-judgmental, confidential service to fellow medical students who want assistance coping with school and non-school related stresses.
Contact CPAP at:
Crisis Line: 612-873-3161
CPAP website

Student Conflict Resolution Center (UMN)

Medical Student Well-Being

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Academic Excellence & Assistance

Faculty Advisors

Learner Development

Disability Accommodations

Minority Affairs & Diversity

Peer Mentoring Program Resources for Students

Medical School-UMF Honors and Awards

MMF Mentor Program




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Policies, Requirements, and Basic Information


Medical Student Handbook (Twin Cities)

Missed or Rescheduled Exam Procedure and Request Form - Years 1 and 2 (pdf)

Background Check - Online (Instructions, Do Not Change Password!)

Background Study Information Release Authorization (pdf)

Essential Capacities for Matriculation, Promotion, and Graduation

Competencies Required for Graduation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

One-Stop (UofM Student Services)

Name Change: go to One Stop and select "Personal information" in the right-hand collumn under Quick Links, Student Records.

Parking and Transportation Services

Housing on-campus and off-campus (including medical fraternities)

Procedure for Reimbursements and Contracts (med student council grant info webpage)

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Books and Supplies

Biomedical Library
Classes Offered by the library: Topics include MEDLINE, PubMed, Evidence Based Health Care, basic database searching, information resources, and web/software technology.

Health Sciences Bookstore

University of Minnesota Libraries

UofM Bookstores

Web MD Books Scientific Books, Apparel and Medical Supplies

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Residency Information

Medical Specialties

Careers in Medicine (AAMC)
A four-phase course designed to assist you in understanding your options for choosing a specialty and selecting and applying to a residency program to meet your career objectives. (Login info available for current students at site. If issues contact Scott Davenport,, 612-624-8601)

National Residency Matching Program (NRMP)

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Financial Aid

Financial Aid

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Opportunities for Research, Grants, Fellowships, and Summer Projects

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Student Involvement

Medical Student Council

Medical Student Groups

Student Committee on Bioethics (SCOB)

CHIP Student Center

University Student Interest Groups

University Events Calendar

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Computers / Email / Technology

Medical Students


U of M internet account






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