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Please visit the University Office of Information Technology (OIT) student technology page for the following information:

  • Initiating your University account
  • Hardware and software purchases
  • Setting up email
  • Managing your University account

Medical Student Learning Lab (PWB 2-134)

Use of Computers In The Learning Lab Requires Active Directory Account Activation

Students wishing to use computers in the medical school learning lab must activate their Active Directory account at

Printing From Your Personal Computer In The Learning Lab Requires Installation of Printer Driver



Windows Printer Driver Installation Instructions:

If you have installed "Pharos" components before, start here - otherwise skip to step 4.

1. Use the Pharos "un-installer" at: "c:\program files\pharos\bin\uninst.exe" to remove the older Pharos components.

2. Remove the old Pharos created printers under "Printers & Settings".

3. Reboot your machine.

4. Be certain the installer package is located on the same "volume" as the system.

5. Be connected to the campus-wide network.

6. Be logged in as "Administrator"

---- If you receive rpc or port related errors, continue with these next steps ----

7. If your using a Windows Firewall or Symantec EndPoint, turn them off during installation.

8. Create exceptions for the Pharos executables in Symantec EndPoint (as required).

9. Run the Installer (i.e. MedSchoolLaptopsPWB2134WinX86X64_for_Lte.exe).

10. Be certain the the installer has completed successfully. If not - reboot your machine and go back to 4.

11. Check under <Control Panel -> Printers> and make sure the printers have installed correctly.

Using your U Card for Printing in the Student Computer Lab

In order to release a print job in the computer lab, you will need your U Card and money in your Gopher GOLD™ account.

Gopher GOLD value is money stored in an online campus account that you can use by swiping the magnetic stripe on your U Card.

Adding Money to Your Gopher GOLD Account

You can add money to your account Online, at the U Card Office, or at a Value Port machine. The Value Port machine nearest to the Student Computer Lab is located in the Bio-Medical Library, Diehl Hall, 2nd Floor. There are other Value Port locations across campus also. Step-by-step instructions are printed on each machine. View more information about the Gopher Gold Program.





Other Technology Information

For any other information with technology not included here, consult OIT's website at or call 1-HELP (612-301-4357)





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