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2016-2017 MS3-4 Calendar (pdf)

2017-2018 MS3-4 Calendar (pdf)

*new* 2017-2018 Calendar with MS3 Lanes (pdf)

*new* 2017-2018 Calendar with Drop/Add Deadlines

UMN Senate Academic Calendars - University Holidays

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UME - Department Coordinators

Required Clerkship Directors


Clerkships List - Descriptions, availability, and contacts for electives & required courses.

General Information for Years 3 & 4 Rotations - Program requirements, away rotations, research, and other electives.

Clerkship Scheduling - Schedule rotations, sites, print schedule.

Away Rotations

Forms & Applications

Site-Specific Instructions for Students

Year 3/4 Resources

Medical Student Resources

For Visiting Medical Students


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